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Hookah Silicon Diffuser

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Here’s a simple accessory for hookah, the Hookah Silicon Diffuser.
This gadget simply goes over your downstem, and restrics the airflow, kind of.

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Aimee H says:

It quiets the bubbles . So everyone around you doesn’t get annoyed

killur Man says:

KM rules!!!!!

Ibrahim Peerbhoy says:

Do a video on starbuzz serpent line

oobligah says:

BTW, HJ. It's silicone, not silicon. silicon is a crystal

azeem hanif says:

Great video – thanks john. Just one comment? Why do manufacturers have to over engineer an make the simplest of products over complicated? Would it not be easier to use a silicone that has enough flex to go over a KM hookah or any other type you show in your video? Your warehouse staff are going to have kittens sending these out and missing the attachment. Please john – you have influence – speak to these guys and tell them – why do you have to over engineer the simplest of products. Thx mate

Jonny Bradshaw says:

I have a similar diffuser to that but I much prefer the solid plastic heba diffuser it's much less fidgety to get on and position properly.

DarthMini B says:

Anyone got a link for that beautiful green hookah he has?

Mick Venekamp says:

what about a kaya pnx 660? its downstem has a diameter of 21mm. should i order kaya's diffusor? or does this one fits too?

The Tech Man says:

Bring all versions/accessories of wookah to the store John!

Antonio Toves says:

The Prometheus hookah's down stem is thinner then most hookahs.

Jamani Jones says:

love your video's, I'm glad I subscribed

Antonio Toves says:

Does this work for the Prometheus hookah?

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