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Hookah Sickness: How to Avoid it (2017)

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What is Hookah Sickness?? Ever felt nausea, dizzy, light headed or head ache while smoking hookah ??? On today’s show we educate you with 5 tips to avoid these symptoms so you can enjoy your Hookah session. Hookah should be fun and relaxing. Hope you like our quick video, please feel free to share leave us a comment and don’t forget to Subscribe.

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REVO says:

I puked my guts out yesterday because hookah

Havana says:

I've smoked hookah for straight 3 hours in a small room and I felt so good nothing about nicotine sickness. Not saying u should do it its still very dangerous.

Deyheego Yo says:

Were did you get that hookah setup from and can I get one, that shit looks dope

Ahmad El-Omari says:

Tip 3 the hookah isn’t going anywhere unless you are an Arab kid and you are holding the tube

Shrek says:

Or just don’t hookah

Hello You Been Trolled. says:

She is fucking hot

Richard Franěk says:

lol idiots, take modafinil

Michael Mills Lynn Mass says:

Where da hookers?

cholette says:

who eve smokes tobacco out of a hookah, we are all here for weed



Shadyar Sherzad says:

These tips are actually helpful they really helped me and it works THANKS

Shadyar Sherzad says:

Lol the first time i smoked a hookah i was almost throwed up

CHILL !.! says:

what a fucking idiot

Malak Abre says:

Is dutch really dutch?

Mekae Bassadien says:

Bra I fuck with quick lights

Tony Diaz says:

If we got to see sheen from Jimmy neutron grow up… yup, right there sitting on the left side, you sneaky guy you.

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