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Hookah Flip Bowl – Hookah Accessory Review/Tutorial

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If you are a Starbuzz smoker like me, and you have the money, buy it! soo worth it!

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Chimp says:

I'm very interested in buying this, but my only concern is can it fit on a Sahara stem? I use the large Sahara candy stripe hookah.

NorghileHookah13 says:

Never tried it but I doubt it would work well with it. i just recommend getting a tangiers phunnel bowl. and if you can purchase a new Kaloud Lotus! look at my newer reviews!

Sedick Coenraad says:

do you think you'll be able to smoke tangiers out of this bowl because tangiers requires you to pack the shisha tightly?

Fernando Gutierrez says:

All right cool thanx man

NorghileHookah13 says:

I sadly do not have the hookah flip at my house anymore but i will say that its made out of brass so its not gonna brake on you and if the grommet that comes with it is too big i would say buy a thinner grommet and you should be fine man

Fernando Gutierrez says:

How big is the bottom of the hookah flip?
My clay bowl is just a lil over 3 cm opening. while the phunnel bowl I bought was 2 cm. The phunnel bowl I dropped, and i have had 2 other bowls break including the vortex bowl. They all break because my hookah stem is pretty wide.
If you could help a bud out and just measure the opening of the hookah flip to put on the stem

NorghileHookah13 says:

No problem man!

NorghileHookah13 says:

Nope just a normal packing method just fill it up kinda fluff it.

Russell Young says:

Do you pack the flavor Tightly?

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