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Hookah Etiquette – Hookah (Shisha) Smoking Etiquette (4 /4)

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Smoking hookah is an experience derived from your surrounding environment. Follow basic hookah etiquette and enjoy smoking hookah with your friends even more. Leave feedback on our website too:


José Manuel LACLETA says:

Very niice videos on Etiquette! Extremely well, wisely and softly explained!

Keikhosrow hakhamaneshi says:

dude love all your videos. love them
use many of your tips, and all them work perfectly

hakim moui says:

I agree with the shisha to be let on the floor, but how about using a mini mya for example or petite like its calls in the US, like i personally do, i think it can be dangerous to let it on the ground cause its so small, i feel better having it in front of me on the table.

James Flowers says:

Something that I do, if you're going to a new lounge and have had an enjoyable experience (aka good clean hookahs, pleasant staff, good environment) make sure to give a good tip in the tip jar. Show gratitude towards them.

Hookah .org says:

Hookah Etiquette – Hookah (Shisha) Smoking Etiquette (4 /4)

inevercouldknow says:

House rules…hmmm…
Don't blow smoke in the faces of others.

Ask before lighting cigarettes in the coal, and only do so if the ember is exposed (do not spread ash over the foil if it is avoidable).

Finally and most importantly: Do not pressure anyone who doesn't want to partake. Politely offer, and if they refuse accept their refusal politely. This rule exists because sessions usually take place outdoors, where not everyone involved wants to smoke, just socialize. Let me give you the full story…mostly because I like telling it…I have made my own shisha since I got my first hookah about 8 months ago ($7 at goodwill, I paid more for the hose), and have asked for critiques. The problem is that one of my friends likes to try and pressure others into trying my blends. One day he wanted to force-feed the hose to another friend who didn't want to partake and I unhooked the hose. I told him if he ever tried to do that again, he would never get any more from me.

He was almost in tears over that, but it had to be done.

Bioconditional says:

The etiquette on passing the hose was very informational. Would you happen to have any preferences on tending to the coals? Often friends and I decide whenever it seems appropriate to ash the coals or move them around. Although there is often a situation where ash ends up going in an undesirable direction, like into a cup. Not too big of a problem, although I haven't been able to think of a courteous manner to handle such situations other than apologizing and continuing.  

Holy Parson says:

I guess for my house an etiquette my friends and I try to practice is that everyone should have a job in creating the session. I always pack the bowls and mix the flavors, one friend puts foil on and pokes the holes, another friend cooks up the coals and places them on, and at the end of a session another friend disposes of the cooked shisha and the rest of the coals.

Esamatti Käkelä says:

A rule which isn't part of the etiquette but prevents lots of disasters is never to lift the hookah by grabbing from the stem… 

Cooked Marbles says:

Some rules my circle follows are…
-Keep the flow going so the charcoal doesn't die out or get wasted
-Hold/set the hose in the center when some people are smoking out of it, AKA universal sign for "up for grabs"
-Host is to clean his hookah after every 2 or 3 sessions minimum to get best clouds.
-No freeloaders. Try to pitch in a bit.

pizzaguyman13 says:

A house rule that I keep is that I (the owner of the hookah) am the only one to tap and move coals. Only because I friend dropped a coal on my foot because he didn't know what he was doing really…

Joseph Espanol says:

Hey man what mouth tip is that?

Kony2012 says:

Great video as always! question, is that the song from grand theft auto in the background?

ratedwhat says:

Im an Arab and i gotta say that you sir said it all perfectly … i felt like you know the traditons and cultuer ( when it comes to hookah atleast ) of the middleast as perfect as its own people! 

let me know if you visit UAE one day … so i can show you some good authentic Narguile.

Hats off! 

GustaveXIII says:

Seems to be a lot of dead space at the end of the video. Might want to see if you can cut that.

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