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Hookah Etiquette – Hookah (Shisha) Smoking Etiquette (3 /4)

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Smoking hookah is an experience derived from your surrounding environment. Follow basic hookah etiquette and enjoy smoking hookah with your friends even more. Leave feedback on our website too:


Hookah .org says:

Hookah etiquette (3/4)

Taelend Sauve says:

haha the ball bearings fell out of our hookah and my friends and i used to tug of war to see who could get more

Ben Ehrlich says:

Worst thing anybody can do is blow on the coals at you, possibly burning your clothes. Really pisses me off…

FutureGD says:

cigarettes should not be allowed in the vicinity of hookah EVER!

Abdallah Raslan says:

The cigarette thing is so true I get extremely annoyed when people light them off of my coals 

rzolko18 says:

Awesome video,as always.

regards from Brasil. 

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