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Hookah Etiquette – Hookah (Shisha) Smoking Etiquette (2 /4)

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Smoking hookah is an experience derived from your surrounding environment. Follow basic hookah etiquette and enjoy smoking hookah with your friends even more. Leave feedback on our website too:


Hookah .org says:

Hookah Etiquette (2/4)

Hookah .org says:

Hookah Etiquette (2/4)

Dengo L says:

Loving the video, Keep it up!

Ernie Rivera says:

Hey I just have a quick question someone could answer for me. I'm looking to buy a new higher end hookah from what I already have something like a KM. But I want to know if there is a big difference between a 1 hose and a multiple hose hookah. Because when I smoke my 3 hose myself I smoke with 2 hoses for more smoke input. So should I stick with a 2 hose or 1 hose?

rkid19 says:

What hose/mouthpiece is that

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