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Hookah Etiquette – Hookah (Shisha) Smoking Etiquette (1 /4)

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Smoking hookah is an experience derived from your surrounding environment. Follow basic hookah etiquette and enjoy smoking hookah with your friends even more. Leave feedback on our website too:


Chris Abboud says:

What if Jim has herpes

Suga Baby재벌 says:

You’re basically describing common sense.

من انا says:

hi paul! i want to tell that i really love your videos i learned everything about hookah from you.keep up the good work!

Hookah .org says:

Hookah etiquette (1/4)

Abd jmali says:

i'm from Syria and i smoke lots of shisha, its our thing, and your tips is 100% legit, and we have a say about passing by the shisha to the next person 'if you are a prince smoke and bass it around' ((اذا كنت امير شراب ودير))

Hookah .org says:

Hookah etiquette (1/4)

Cooked Marbles says:

This video looks really dubbed over

Turbo Kohai says:

Could you please tell me the name of the intro and outro music? I know ive heard it somewhere before but I cannot for the  life of me figure out where! 😛

Taylor Campbell says:

Hey Paul, I'd love to see some thoughts or reviews on holiday themed shisha. I'd love to have something besides candles to bring the holidays alive!

Michael Alexandrov says:

traditional Hookah smokers in Eqypt and Syria dont pass the hookah, its beacuse alcohol drink are banned so they get hookah for each one of the smokers 😛

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