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Hookah D Hose, at hookahjohn, glass hookah handle

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The new Hookah D Hose is now available at hookahjohn. It features a lab glass 7 inch handle, with a 70 inch over all length. It is dishwasher safe and uses medical grade materials. This is a great hookah hose to add to your collection.

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Tuti Turumtu says:

I freaking love your videos man!!!

Joel Rodriguez says:

why is it called the ice hold tip

Natalia V says:

Good sense of humor!

Jon Helman says:

hookahjohn you should make your own brand of shisha

ijr909 says:

So he's suckin on the D

Wolfsburg GTI says:

Your funny af bro

GingerEjl says:

HJ, what's your hose size? Without squeezing in any inches.

BigMike says:

Nothing new here in Germany 😀

Truly Blessed says:

O's.. O's blow lmao

Mohammed Ali says:

I guess we know why its called the D hose

Anthony Avalos says:

How do you clean the D-hose?

Tyler Bland says:

all Dream products are made in china

Smilkington says:

Hookah John, are all hoses the same size? Or are they all different sizes.

lifesaver221 says:

The tip looks like a dildo

Mo.O says:

What hookah is this in the background or the one you are smoking with?

holein1 says:

Great review man. I was wondering if this thing works with the Soguk Ice attachment, and if so, how? And also how strong is the glass tip as far as drops go? Thanks.

DirtyUrine420 says:

Does it ghost flavors and would it be ok to freeze the tip?

oobligah says:

way to be bitchy about a knock off hose that doesn't compete with yours.
you should grow up, and realize that if you don't fill that gap in the market, somebody else will.

you price everything in euros, america is too lazy for that. ftw.

DrKartoffelsalat says:


Omuni Reborn says:

How do you get these products to sell in the first place? I was hoping to open a canadian hookah shop online because it seems we don't have any -.- so i always gotta import my starbuzz etc and id love to open an online store that is located in canada to make shipping a little cheaper and faster. I already have my own online clothing store so maybe we can collab?

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