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Hookah culture is a vast umbrella that covers history, traditions, etiquette and more

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A desi hookah is a clay-based structure, with a chilam at the top of the hookah is a straight conical pipe with the end-to-end channel, traditionally made of clay and used since at least the eighteenth century. The pipe to inhale the hookah has to be done through a wooden pipe attached below the chilam but be careful as inhaling the hookah own your throat os extremely harmful it has to be held in your mouth then exhaled. The chilam is filled with charred coal.

The hookah, a water pipe, originated in India and became popular for smoking tobacco. It spread elsewhere and acquired other names like nargile, shisha, goza and hubble-bubble before its popularity declined in India. A resurgence of hookah smoking is occurring in India and around the world and is being promoted as safer than cigarette smoking. However, hookah smoke contains more tar and carbon monoxide than cigarette smoke promotes
nicotine addiction and exposure to second-hand smoke, and causes gum disease, tuberculosis, chronic lung diseases, lung cancer, cardiovascular disease and low birth weight.


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