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Hookah Chillum with Wind Cap & Bowl Screen | Dense Smoke without Foil | Cheapest Hookah Accessories

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In this video we are introducing Ceramic Chillum with Wind Cap & Bowl Screen. This ceramic chillum has a wind cover and chillum screen that totally replace your aluminium foil and kaloud head management system. Check the video to know more about this amazing Ceramic Chillum with Wind Cap & Bowl Screen. Get to know about any kind of MYA Hookah, Alshan’s hookah and other branded hookah in our Channel.

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Mauricio C137 says:

Cielos vine a buscar wind cap y me tope con esto vaya sorpresa

rohit Gulati says:

price and delivery option

Arid rider says:

Bhaii tmhe mya. Mozza k bare m pta.. H ky.?

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