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Hookah Bowl Tips: Best way to pack your Bowl (2017)

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There is no one perfect way to packing any hookah bowl that will guarantee a perfect smoke because all bowls are different and not all tobaccos are the same but one thing is certain and that’s Airflow !!! On today’s show David from Hookah Place Miami will give you some Hookah bowl tips and packing techniques. Hope you like this quick video, If you like the video please like or comment and don’t forget to Subscribe.

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ahad stan says:

whyy the fuck he is doing it w that pair of tongs like shisha had corona

Sasha Kaffarov says:

7:23 is like a ghost tutorial XD
no hard feelings tho. keep doing what you doing!

tunisian guy says:

i live in tunisia and shisha is so cheap . u can get the big one for free from a coffe shop after they use it

Al- Aleem says:

My bowl’s glass cracked..I dont know why..

Ilian Krumov says:

These bowls are trash man use alpaca oblako japona and other good heads

kevin baldeo says:

My bowl end up cracking after the first using

jhnsn1 says:

Wow I got that 1st bowl a month ago and been using aluminum foil. It's been working fine.

Charles Johnson says:

You are so High ! lol Were you not?

K H says:

Any Tips for hookah water levels?

Hellersche says:

I make a big hole in the middle of my clay bowl works good too instead of little holes for the airflow.

חסוי חסוי says:

איזה טעם אתם הכי ממליצים?

makashka1 says:

i'll take foil over a titanium cover like that. those clouds look weak af

ardvarkkkkk1 says:

Unglazed bowls do not retain flavor. The flavor is baked out of them when they get hot. Ever had your shisha loose it's flavor but it still smokes? Same thing.

Boineelo Mmila says:

Wow thats interesting to know about bowls

Michael M. Sandoval says:

Haaaa !! This guy is located in MIAMI, fl in Allapattah not that far from me ! Its called the THE HOOKAH PLACE always go there for some goodies !!! I give them a 5 star ! They are the best ! They truly are the hookah gods

amazing says:

Wow… Amazing info man… I like it…..

Stefanos Mavroftis says:

your hookah skills are too low son

Esigma a says:

Do you remove lair of the top or keep it to the end

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