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brandon blancher says:

Man those dumb fucks don't kno wht their talking about

Cole DiDonato says:

Lies!! Jan Mahrer very misinformed

1800BIGDANK says:

yeah soo uhhh what about meth and WAYYYYYYY more serious stuff

ItsEViLDeD says:

Damn media can't ever be happy with anything to help us Americans relax.

Johnathan Jeffries says:

@LunasCraincloud Some don't have Nicotine. So what if it's bad, At least they are not out the street shootING up this corrupted country we have called the U.S.A

Johnathan Jeffries says:

@boxftw123 18 or older

LunasCraincloud says:

Hookah dose not have nicotine in it? Um.. lets see I'll grab my star buzz. Ah 0.5% so yeah it dose. second thing I noticed was Ewwwww Quick lights

alpfaable says:

hookah will be the number1 source of an epidemic. Reap this.

pitt dawg says:

how old do you have to be to go to a hookah bar??

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