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Hookah 101 | The Perfect Beginners Hookah (2019)

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What is the best Hookah for Beginners, the most common question we get every time, so we had to do a little video and give you our Beginners choice of Hookah to start with. It was perfect timing for Zahrah USA sending us the Spade 2.0 to use it for this video and hands down it’s an amazing hookah indeed. Hope you enjoy this quick video if you do don’t forget to hit that Like button. Don’t forget to Subscribe so you can stay up to date with our latest shows.
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Special thank you to Zahrah USA

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Markus Leyer says:

If I had about 400 euros to buy a hookah, which one would you recommend?

Hussain S says:

DMZ I like your videos. Especially Demarco, you are AMAZING!!!. Just a few questions, I'm not a beginner, but I would like to know what is the best Hookah in the market today, and where I can buy? knowing that I live in Australia, not all the online retailers ship to AUSSIE!. Can you make another video about how to pick the right Hookah? and by the way which Hookah do you currently use? if there are different ones please list them as well and why?. Thanks, guys and keep those fantastic videos up.

D'Nicky Karito says:

Why don't you ship to Poland!

1k. Johnno says:

I’m tryna get a hookah without the use of coal like wen I go to hookah lounges they don’t use coal where can I get a hoockah without the usage of coal

shivam dabas says:

Desi hookah is the best

Ashante Vaughn says:

I just got the Zahara V2 spade with the black vase and I can’t determine how Much water to put in. Any tips???

Akshat Khanna says:

Here is the question ….hookah is hookah what is the difference between a beginners hookah or an expert’s hookah ??? And which hookah do you recommend between amira’s osaka vs MYA noche..? Thanks

Jalynn Garofalo says:

me too and i am only 12

Al KiBaLi says:

if you think this hookah good as Khalil mamon ,,,, you now nothing sorry 🙂

Liyah diór says:

Can y’all do a video of putting weed in hookah? Or can y’all even do that ?

Stephen Krout says:

I can’t seem to load the website right now… :/

Im Nayeon says:

How often should we clean the Hookah? And planning to purchase the 1.0 (since I like the bubbling sound)

Darrell S says:

What's the color of the Spade 2.0 you have there? I'm about to order that one right now! How long does shipping take?

TheMisterWizKid says:

Yo can u guys maybe make a cleaning tutorial video? Just bought my first shisha and i’m not sure how to perfectly clean it without losing taste in the next sessions…

חסוי חסוי says:

Excellent video you are excellent!

I have a question about bowls.

What are all, and I want all the differences between a bowl with 4-5 small holes, and the bowl with the only larger hole in the center of the bowl?

Usman OMO says:

lets be real… KM is a OG

J Rock says:

Good morning fam what is going on another excellent review on a hookah that I'm definitely looking at and I want to purchase that 2.0

Daniella Vega says:

Those are some cool hookahs. I need a new one!

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