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Hookah 101 | Bowls (2020)

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On today’s episode of Hookah 101 we will go over Hookah bowls. Bowls are very important when it comes to the longevity of your session and enjoying certain tobaccos. There are hundreds of brands and models out there and today we will go over some of our favorite. So we hope you enjoy this quick video if you do don’t forget to hit that Like button. Also, Don’t forget to Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can stay up to date with our latest shows.
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brianna says:

Can any bowl go on a mya hookah

brianna says:

Where can I get the bowls that are packed

Michael Revere says:

I recently purchased an Italian white clay bowl with the hmd made of the same clay from Olla Bowls…that hookah John stone clay harmony bowl was my favorite bowl, but has now been dethroned. Olla venere celeste is the best bowl that I have ever smoked from.

Jesus Rosales says:

What do you think about the Kaloud Lotus 2 Hookah Bowl with the heat management? Is that still a good combo or is there better ones out there now?

rishit pahwa says:

Guys thanks for the video. Please suggest a bowl for oduman ignis revo v2

Psycho J says:

What about those double, triple, and quadruple hookah bowls at once? you know, where people can smoke like 2 different flavors at once, or 3 different flavors at once, or 4 different flavors at once without mixing the shisha together?

gavin sewell says:

New to hookahs here and these videos are very informative, I’m learning about good educated purchases now, wasted a bit of cash already but now starting to purchase items I know are good quality. Thanks

rick says:

Try a chimney bowl.

Amin Chiha says:

0:12 My name is jeff

Taylor Moore says:

I love the practicality and solid advice you give in your videos!

bigbug601 says:

How'd I miss this

Fohel says:

Was hoping for info on that Mason Grand Onyx bowl

Tht1guy63 says:

So what was the reason your grand onyx was dirty. Or did i miss the reasoning. Favorite bowls of mine tangiers pico, og mini predator, mason onyx.

Cosmin Dax Gugoasa says:

can you make a video talking about IceRockz flavours and "crystal like" flavours ? what do you think about them ?

AKRS says:

In a america the prices are crazy , i live in the netherlands there are much turks in the netherlands .
They sell illegaly imported shisha equipement .
I got a really nice sillicone bowl with a kaloud lotus voor 15 euros.
I bought 1 kg of love 66 flavour voor 65 euros

I'm Abdullah says:

Like your videos guys!
Can you make a video how to get a long session hookah?

don julio says:

Yes please i will def will like to know what should i put in my base and what is the der in flavor if there is any i say please do it

ChemTrap83 says:

What is in the base of the Hoob??

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