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Hookah 101 | Big Clouds (2020)

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Hookah 101 is back in this new year with some big clouds, on today’s episode we will talk about tips on how to get those big milky clouds. Lots of our subscribers have been asking us on doing a video about getting big clouds. Hope you enjoy this quick video if you do don’t forget to hit that Like button. Also, Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel so you can stay up to date with our latest shows.
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Legend Gaming says:

The way to get more clouds is fill little bit more water so the cloud in the glass is thicker at ur hose port so u can suck the cloud in the glass faster in if u put less water the botom of the glass will have thick layer of cloud and the top thin so u get thin layer greetings from

Alfa E says:

Where did you get that hookah from and are those hookahs available to ship to europe?

Giovante Jansen says:

Your explanation is fucking awesome.Keep up the good content bra.

Roger Graham says:

I can’t get the big cloud at all

GoldenHawkVII says:

What are your thoughts on putting your hookah tobacco in a food processor until it resembles ground beef, my freind does it and it smokes quit Nicely. I wouldn’t try it

GoldenHawkVII says:

Honestly hookah is not about clouds! It’s about flavor and relaxing

Mesa Gicic says:

Lol i would like to show you how to prepare hookah and to see real clouds … This is nothing trust me

Carmelo Rivera says:

Altoids in the water

Mars Aksurg says:

Im from germany tho i would recomend y'all to look for some german hookah youtubers this dudes here just beeing clowns tho

Alex bazzi says:

Thanks for good video.

Sasha Kaffarov says:

* for learning ANY tricks, you can DM me on my personal instagram: dj.troll

Sasha Kaffarov says:

**TIPS: 1-you can also carefully lift up a side of your bowl while you purge.

2-you can exhale with your nose and mouth at the same time for a rainy cloud.


how often to purge during session? when do you know you need to?

Zahra Ali says:

4 coals will burn the hookah faster. 2 is ideal with a cover and 3 is maxxxx

Isabella M says:

Where can I get that kloud cage ? And did he have a hmd with the kloud cage?

Marie Rod says:

That brand is my favorite!!!!!!!!!!! I just found it & started using it recently & I love it.

Avian.3x says:

I’m sorry but this not bussin

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