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Hookah 101 | Beginners Edition (2019)

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Hookah 101 Beginners edition is a series just for the New Hookah smokers that want to try hookah for the very first time and want to know what’s needed to get started, strictly for beginners. Hope you enjoy this quick video if you do don’t forget to hit that Like button. Don’t forget to Subscribe so you can stay up to date with our latest shows.
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Special thank you to Mickey from Hookah Place in Miami, Check them out they have everything you need for Hookah.
1636 NW 20th St, Miami, FL 33142

If you not leaving in Miami and want to order some of the products needed here are some links.

Bowl :
Coals :
Fork :
Hose :
Tongs :
Foil :
Mouth Tips :
Burner :
Travel Hookah :
Beginners Hookah :
Tobacco :

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Mikestar 108 says:

Can you make homemade flavours?

Eli Levi says:

Do you squeeze out juice from shisha?

Wiler The gamer says:

Instead of the pre-made coals. Can I use grillcoal, charcoal, or normal wood?
Edit: dmz tv told me those can make harmful gasses so they don’t recommend it…

mahdi bkh says:

use glass base qalyan and fake tanbacoo (fruity) ???
best Hookah made of wood. best wood for base come from Walnut or Pistachio tree.

Joshua Bailey says:

You get one nickname rocko

You Stanky says:

I still don’t see why you can’t just use a bong there cheap and easy to make

KxKxShI Hatake says:

Bro i am from the netherlands yall hookahs are nothing compared with our

Zach White says:

Here’s an idea. Light a joint. Or smoke a cigarette. People nowadays doing science experiments on Bunsen Burners just to get nicotine in there body and blow smoke out there face and feel a little “buzzed” it’s crazy what kids will do in these times to get all the effects of smoking a cigarette without actually doing it.

Hunter Rob says:

A guy at a local smoke shop said to not use foil, because it releases harmful chemicals and then tried selling me a stainless steel sort of thing. I didn't buy it but what are your thoughts?

STRETCH karapetyan says:

Yo homies what are some good recommendations on a nice open draw hookah & heat management system? My budget for a stem is around 150-250 I was considering starbuzz but idk

GOD's students Got Talent says:

Loved the dragon ball z reference
I need something of zeno level hukka

S V says:

Can you put bud in a hookah

kingk 500 says:

Bro can I inhale the smoke or not

Toby F says:

Can you smoke weed outa a hookah?

Marie Rod says:

I knew I was doing this the right wayyyyyy I love hookah but I’m actually trying a pineapple head today lol

Royalty says:

A channel that responds to everybody especially if they have questions…ohhhh the respect I got for you

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