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Hoob Mars Black Mini Hookah | First Look (2020)

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We are back again with a First look at the Hoob Mars Black Mini Hookah, a true beast of a Hookah !!! Hoob is known for making amazing modern style Hookahs, and are made from top quality materials. If you haven’t heard feard of the I strongly suggest you go check them out. Hope you enjoy this quick video if you do don’t forget to hit that Like button. Also, Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel so you can stay up to date with our latest shows.

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Haider Falah says:

Man this look so good and smooth

HookahFansTV says:

Perfect My friend! best Wishes Mateo Iliev, Bulgaria.

Sokka of the Water Tribe says:

You guys should do a 101 on Tobacco alternative products for Hookahs

Maytham Hasan says:

awesome video mate, the hookah looks great.

Adnan Sh says:

just in case you had a chance to read my question … what is the Shisha bowl brand name or anything we can reach it at?

Igor Pavlov says:

Please, more reviews of Russian hookahs 🙂

chap Milan says:

Yo nice hookah bro im from german and we have the best shishas

tupz24 says:

Nice bro..y'all should review the DSH hookah pipes when you get the chance..I just got the Mini from HJ, hits similar to a MIG and the purge clears up super quick!

I'm Abdullah says:

Like your vids guys!
What kind of bowl you using?

Adrian Milian says:

Love this channel bro, always getting me up on game about hookahs and flavors. I just wish you guys would upload more.

All new status says:

Bro do some give ups then only public watch your channel…in the beginning of this channel also i have told u .

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