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History Found In River with Hookah

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Ron and Tim go to the river for relics and with our Hookah we get a good variety and have a blast. Check out some of our finds and if you enjoy these videos then make sure and subscribe.


Dennis .Gretencord says:

Way to get the Lead out ! lol looked like fun .

Larry Stephens says:

Okay that tops all videos of adding to the sinker collection. That sure looks like a lot more fun than walking around a hot field all day. VERY well done. Loved it.

Karen Saint Sing says:

Wow what a nice variety in your hunt. Love seeing the Civil War items as well as the other odds and ends. Nice clean up !♥️

The Yard Dogs says:

Awesome job gentlemen. Carl HH

orville58 says:

I love the history inserts thanks for that

HD shovel Ed says:

Way to clean up the river a bit.

DrumnDetect says:

Nice spoon lead combo, and love the horse tie off. Cool hunt, would love to afford a hooka set up!
Tc and Happy Hunting my friend

J.R. Digging-it-Back says:

Wow all these bullets l. Just Awsome.

Jeff Nelson says:

Come on boys get the lead out….oh wait you did. Thanks for sharing. See ya next time.

wes stringer says:

Great hunt guys lots of fun!

Squatch Thumper says:

I started using one also.
Nice area

Cynthia Swearingen says:

I love, love, love those Civil War bullets! Not only are you fellows saving great relics, but you're removing a lot of lead from the water environment. That's so awesome! Appreciate the great video!


Ron and Tim ya,ll killed it. Glad ya,ll got another water hunt in. Hopefully there's time for one more.

Diggin Diggen It says:

Great hunt guys enjoyed watching.

Kathryn says:

nice thank for sharing

Ed Booth says:

That's a lot of lead!

Nick Haas says:

Another great video!

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