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Glass Hookah Long Term Review | Art Hookah Tample 45

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In today’s video, we are going to review Art Hookah (Glass Hookah) and particularly model Art Hookah Temple 45.
Uniqueness of this hookah is that it’s fully made of glass which giving you different taste transfer.
Straight to the point: The downside of this hookah is that it’s very fragile and with many parts with have unique shape it’s hard to clean it.
Original Air Purge is made of aircraft aluminum and has two main benefits: It makes cleaning easier and maintains the sealing of the hookah. BUT with time the ball inside of purge was getting stuck and we had to replace it with a new Glass Air Purge which working way better.
Because of the glass shape you can make some good set up with ice and fruits, check out of other video where we had some ideas for you and how it looks at the night time:
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Link 2:

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Please let us know how was your experience with Art Hookah down in comments if you had any! Also share your ideas how do you set up glass hookah!


Firas Al-Lami says:

I've switched to Glass about six years ago; my throat, appreciated removing the tinfoil from the equation plus, no more worry about residue built-up inside the Stem.
Al-Fakher (UAE) was the first to introduce it in the Middle East, followed by Mazaya (Jordan). In terms of design, Mazaya's Bowl & Stem are made as one piece, making for an air-draw like no other.
Last but not least, the Glass Hookah (Shisha) used in the video has a generous smoke-tank, allowing for richer smoke but, having that wide of a tank, this design would get the water warmer, faster than slimer glass designs.

Zlatin Popov says:

Hey Mojo hookah team, I'm great fan of your channel, I relly hope to see new content more often from you guys. Thank you for helping us widen our knowledge. I just want to mention one important benefit of the glass hookass, and it is the fact that glass do not retain smell of the flavors, so it's better when using big variaty of flavors and don't want to spend a lot time in cleaning 🙂

bluemist says:

just want to ask somthing from a shisha expert.. is amy deluxe ss05 have 2 different sizes or is it just one?? i can see two like 70 and 87 but i thought it was only one from your video..

Marko Mijajlovic says:

The chance you made of your wheigt is big !

Jack The Skipper says:

You've lost a lot of weight. Looking good bro

Evelins Spruogyte says:

missed your education vids !!!!!

Jens Liden says:

Hi! I was wondering if you could do a redbull flavored hookah, if possible? And if you dont Wanna do it could you suggest me How i would make one?

diabolic 071389 says:

Hey, I've been calling your shop because I want to purchase some stuff. But I'm assuming you guys are closed. I live in hollywood and I'm very interested thr stock you might have. How can I contact you purchas e somthing?

Markus Leyer says:

I wanted to ask on your thoughts about the Steamulation Pro X and the Aeon Edition 4 Premium. Both are great high end pipes in a new style with a lot of features and I would like to ask, since in am hard pressed which one I should take, what your opinion is on both of them. If one is particularly better and why. (Of course only if you heard, or know them) Besides that, as always, great video, keep going.

hakim esmekaya says:

Do you know any good hookahs for 60 euro's

Max Robert says:

Great video will you tell me how you got this fit please.

Gg says:

Hey bro! I just watched the maya jafar video and was wondering what mya products have the mx function. If u could get back to me with what products have them i will greatly appreciate it bro! Keep making vids i love them! Stay safe❤️

Shaylan666 says:

I have a glass one and a KM mini beast. The Glass one is impossible to clean properly. Also the clay heads, you need one with a wider base.

Appie App says:

What is your favorite flavor?

WiliMS Sumartono says:


Vian Myburgh says:

I am from South-Africa. We dont have such a veraity of hookahs here. Thats why I enjoy youre videos on all of the veraity hookahs and bowls and flavours.

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