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Glass Hookah by Art Hookah, at hookahjohn

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Art Hookah is another glass hookah maker. The owners are from Russia and brought their popular glass hookah here to the US.
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Kez Rashid says:

How much ice can I put in?

L3G1O0ON says:

Have exactly the same hookah ( with a glass ash plate and a glass bowl as well) sais wasimski on it ( duno if that is even a brand i just got it cuz its nice) and it was a total of $60 with a leather case with separate compartments for each part and a leather strap for carrying the thing arround. This is extremely overpriced for what its worth, still i have to agree the smoking with it is totaly different to a normal hookah

Carlton Johnson says:

Do you have anymore in stock

Robert Todd says:

Would u happen to know if an aspire proteus ehookah product can work on there

Faraz says:

The smoke is shit tbh

rupt jaws says:

why does oleg look so pissed?

مهدي العليوي says:

الاسغر با سعودي 350ريال تواصل 500 ريال

Mark Grossmann says:

are they gonna fuck or what?

ben toronchuk says:

this is so fucking cheesy

March MCMXCVII says:

do you ship shihsa to norway?

CowboyEmil says:

hookahjohn is a douche

gamer jon says:

can u send me a hubly oretel me where to buy onle like in the video but the new one

Kardengos says:

all glass hookah put like half of water so comes out just right

Rawad Awde says:

"I dont trust someone with an accent" but he has one lmfao

Kasim Tariq says:

Can someone tell me the exact set up, how much water do you put in…I have this and the smoke is harsh (alien mini, lotus kaloud) my mya bambino works with whatever is thrown at it but not doing so well with this Hookah!

Jay D says:

That thing is beautiful Man !

mohanad basem says:

hi can i get it in iraq

Absinthe Ehtnisba says:

At first it looked like a really bad porno

Tarek says:

I want to order a shisha like this,i want to know from where can i order one and the price. A second problem is that i am from Romania,and how can deliver here. Thank you.

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