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Exotic Hookahs: Citrus Hookah (2016)

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Today in Exotic Hookahs we Bring you Citrus with our Hookah master Chris and our wonder Co-Host Stefanie. Citrus is not only zesty, juicy and delicious, but citrus fruits are also loaded with healthy goodness. On this episode we use that goodness of our Hookah and finish it off with a Delicious and refreshing Mimosa. Hope you enjoy this Episode, Please Comment, Like, Share and Don’t forget to Subscribe.

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Suren Draper says:

why are the people in the comment section so rude to the girl ? what did she do ?
shes just trying to make a good first impression because i can tell its probably her first time shooting a video for youtube, shes nervous stop being an asshole and have some respect…good video by the way 😉

Ahlam Nagi says:

Bro I think she has ocd

Jamario Cochran says:

DMZ makes great videos. What brand Hookah is this?

Dexter Reed says:

People this is going to be a porno but that’s the way she talks and they trying to teach us a citrus hookah so leave them alone for the love of god

Rashadjamar03 says:

I had one eye open the whole video

erin Scuderi says:

Y'all are so rude to that girl she did nothing wrong

Arpan Sharma says:

Iski dilwa do din bhr hooka pilaiunga

ABDI G says:

Yo the girl can get it

ali prince says:

Wher are you live?

Bereket Abdi says:

You niggas in the comments died in 2016

Fahad Tariq says:

What's her name? Not asking for a friend. I want to ask for bob and vegene.

Moe Jr says:

Looool girl talking about how it has vitamin C and how its good for u like ur not about to blow the shit out of ur lungs

The Fun Screen says:

What is the name of this hookah pot

ItsToEazzzy !. says:

She’s horny asf

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