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DSH Hookahs manufactured in Russia

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While in Russia last year I discovered several hookah brands. I chose a few that are actually manufactured in Russia, not just Chine hookahs branded in Russia.
One of the absolute best ones are from Dream Smoke Hookah, or DSH.
Not only is the quality out of this world, but the prices are very reasonable.

Check out all of these models that came in to the HookahJohn warehouse today. You can get them here:
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ibrahim manzara says:

When will you restock the dsh products ..?

Desiree Estrada says:

John, get Ocean (Russian) Hookah products please!

Charles Bentley says:

I'm a big Russophile, and buy Russian whenever I can. I'm super glad to see you carry Russian Hookah stuff while other places do not.


Do you still like German Hookahs?

Alexander Mżelski says:

DSH is indeed top-notch in terms of quality and price.

Anthony Ayad says:

Hookah John please restock the triharmony bowl mine broke and now I have to use a Chinese bowl I dont mind the price just need to be able to buy one.

Dinar Gunesh says:

hi, will you come to the JohnCaliano festival this summer?

Armond Petrossian says:

Dont change that intro, thats your new signature move

is it good to do says:

what's the shipping costs to EU from US?

Adam P says:

Hookah John are ocean hookahs any good?

حاتم الجنابي says:

متابع عربي جديد اتمنا تجربة التبغ العربي والعكس تذوق النكهات لديكم!

Frankie Boi says:

I know that background voice☺️

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