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Do not buy Chinese Hookah Bowls, and I'll show you why

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OK, so the title sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s true.
For 6 years we have been making hookah bowls, by hand, using American Clay, in the US.

Other companies have decided to capitalize on this and take the easy road, the road to China.

Don’t sell yourself short. You deserve a real hookah bowl, like a Harmony Bowl, 80feet bowl, Alien Bowl or a Ferris bowl, all created by HookahJohn.

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Ishi1XP says:

Fda approved clay LOL you gonna eat the bowl buddy?

Hasan TÜLÜ says:

how is the COLOSSUS 2.0 PHUNNEL ?

Nathan Jones says:

What do you think about the DON bowl

Mohammed Ali says:

The Chinese made bowls will smoke exactly the same don't be fooled

Royal_ Kings says:

ur just salty..

Jurr Jurr says:

This guy likes money too much


does ANYTHING good come from china ???

Amine Bekhti says:

We need john's bowl and hookah in ALGERIA

JY Ch says:

As a Chinese I hate to admit it but the cheap Chinese bowls are really bad. But don't forget China is famous for its high end china wares in the entire human history…

Tanny A says:

HookahJohn shouldn’t talk about other manufacturer’s balls. Just worry about your own balls.
P.S. Chinese bowls are shit quality ceramic. Always buy quality clay.

naju332 says:

All you did was advertising your products what a waste of my time

bravo six s says:

hahaha wtf 25 usd on bowls how 10000% pure bulshit

Aryan Kaura says:

you should get out of your denial filled place and maybe go to any afghani/middle eastern grocery store and get a clay bowl for like $4 or $5 max. We hope better content from you. I can see what you are trying to do my informing people about the difference. if you really want it, make another video and be actually informative. and please don't advertise your stuff. just do a real informative video as you mentioned first thing in this one. Also, be informative about other brands ( all good ones, their material, pros cons, etc ) people will appreciate that more. take this as constructive criticism than just a not-so-friendly-comment.

Eyad Alsaidy says:

You guys pay 24$ for a fucking bowl? I payed 10$ for a brass Egyptian hookah with everything included (2 handmade clay bowls and a leather hose)

just.mxtt. F says:

I'd rather buy my hookah from my shop sold by Easterners. Trust them more

KITOSUN Hookah says:

What a arrogant video, In this video, hookah John just mention it is made in usa, handcrafted, American clay is superior than Chinese clay, it is food grade. You want to sell it at 24usd, hate these to sell it cheaper. What a shame on you!!! Before I am a follow of hookah John, because I can learn something to help me to sell on amazon. I will follow always, learn more and beat the hookah john more quick. You are like kaloud , they invent the lotus heat management device , filed a patent . Just want to sell it at 60usd. It is a joke, I can say it is over over priced. They hate any heat management, just want to fool people, but people will choose to spend 60usd on so simple item? Or most like to pay less than 10usd to get a knock off?

UPro says:

Ok this Video made me pick the cheap ones. You're just jelly af.

bonasab says:

All the bowls u are holding are trash.. they burn the tobacco quickly,, the bowl they clay bowl and its better not be shiny too much its absorb the juice of tobacco with time and u will get good flavor,, and natural coal with foil .. never use heat mangment things

8l0wm3 says:

Clay is clay
Don’t be butthurt just cos they named it the same name

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