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d&b hookah – What is Hookah/How to Smoke (pt 2)

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d&b hookah – Episode One – Part Two

davideo and brandyxbear talk about what exactly is hookah and how to set up and smoke a hookah.


Brahyan Peralta says:

Why is the water red

الزعيم الهلالي says:

قال دكتور معسل

والله اللب تسويه يسكى لعب ورعان

Your Daily Music says:

Selflight coal is the worst thing u could ever do the taste is sooo disqusting

Mark Anthony says:

What kind of an idiot smokes?

Wilmary Seda says:

Hold up why is it red

Anthony Fermin says:

u need to put 1 charcoal and then break another one in half and put it also. This shit is not busting

I’m stuck With this name says:

How to be Arab 101

Pantherboss1668 says:

2018 anyone?

Abdulaziz Alotaibi says:

Is that Dana from TNT Cigar?

Jasiel Ochoa says:

The first time I smoked hookah i smoked a little too much and I had no experience and I wasnt used to it and I got really light headed. So ur first few times u should go light.


Hookah is ten times worse for your lungs than cigarettes just a fact no offence

Hahah Gahaha says:

Plz make videos

Haider Ali says:

Wht did u put in the pot plz tell me

YaBoyAstros says:

You fucking disgust me

Marija Djerkovic says:

Better is hash

mahmoud mohamed says:

Where u are >>>>> Egypt ?

Nikki Ochoa says:

Does it burn your throat like weed ?

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