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Cool Hookah Smoke

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Just a short clip of my hookah smoke gliding aross the surface of my table, I though it looked cool.


Jim Kibble says:

john u need to get in contact with me so we can put up some creamy clouds again man! seriously hit me up !

HerbalCulture says:


Nason Summa says:

Lol milk???? Lol 😛

Jose Ahumada says:

lol? half water half milk…rofl.

XGM_DeathDealer says:

shisha its shisha its not normal tobacco like youd find in cigaretts and its refered to as SHISHA so no more mistakes plus it you smoked weed out of this thing it would mess the hookah up because of the residue

William Brown says:

thats your protein for the day 😀

TheGreatLoudini says:

is that your place

shadowsform0 says:

what is in that? weed, tobacco??

Harry Nolan says:

ur a fuckin idiot! its a hookah not a bong dipshit! u smoke flavored tabacco out of it not weed u fuckin nub! oh and 921668 ur a dumbass too!

Kevin Penuliar says:


DeathBySitar says:

whats wrong with milk? what else should he be drinking?

Zeldadude17 says:

hey lol, when u smoke hookah, and u still have the smoke in ur mouth..dont try to talk, lol its funny, happend to me too many times

Mr Abedi says:

hey bro if you wanna get light headed … i suggest you put a little vodka in there .. it's crazy trust me … lol

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