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Cigar Etiquette: What to Do, What Not to Do

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Garrett and Gavin from Twin Tobacco give cigar smoking advice. If you’re new to cigars or just want to hear what bothers us, checkout our thoughts on cigar etiquette. Cigars are different from other tobacco products and therefore are enjoyed in their own way. #cigar #twintobacco #cigars




Magic Steve says:

1:31 I normally bite the end and stick it in a zippo flame, I’ve done the proper lighting ritual on some of my smokes but I don’t really notice the difference between the proper method and my quick one, to each their own I suppose.


You guys are OGs

RJ W says:

Just found you guys on YouTube, love these guys, great content and nice chilled out atmosphere

AsexyKane says:

Great video guys! One fan more

Mardo Cigars says:

Nailed it, great video guys and fantastic topic. A little etiquette goes a long way!

l’autoroute GT says:

Fucking Nice guys!

Mr. Grumpy says:

Turn down the Bach it's distracting.

Brandon McGinnis says:

DUDE im smoking a mighty maduro brickhouse as im watching this…
respect dude..respect.

mori says:

Why are you guys drinking red label that shit burns

Geegee says:

Talk about how you two are able to connect with the older cigar scene. It’s hard to connect with the seasoned cigar smokers.

Kberry1249 sal says:

You have a new fan thank you for the info

Robert Smith says:

I love this video. I want to kick that guy in the ass for cutting a cigar into pieces.

Raymond Allen says:

Great job on the video y'all

Michael and Heather Frost says:

Well said gentlemen.

Nick Clarke says:

Haha I love the setting and style of this video. Keep up the good work guys. Big fan of reviewers and channels around my age group (under 30-35). Cheers

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