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Choosing Hookah – Large or Mini? What's the Different? Amy Deluxe Review

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Today we have a comparison between big and small hookahs. Stick around to see if there is a difference between 2 sizes. Should you go with large one or the mini version. Does the flavor transfer different? Is the smaller hookah overheats easier? Does big hookahs output more smoke? Stick around and find out!

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Edgar Melkumov says:

Hey man. I watched all your videos and didnt find info about how deep the tube should be immersed in water? How many centimeters? Could you tell me?

Bokara1 says:

What is the model name of the small one also can you put a molasses catcher with it?

Markus Leyer says:

One question, if one had 400€ to spare, which hookah would you recommend?

Dania dedo says:

bro this hookah is not small, this is medium sized…. small once are bad, they are arm sized

Ninon van venrooij says:

Can you tel the model of the little one

Akram Sharbek says:

What cand of hookah bowl do you uze?

I Wish says:

Hey bro can u plz tell me the model of the big 1 hookah thanks

bluemist says:

whats the model number or name of these shishas?? btw great video

Ruslan Polumiskokv says:

Where can i buy the exact large deluxe hookah in your video?

sharkfromю says:

Small hookah is better option for me. Its easier to carry it with tou

As0x says:

All of the things that are "new" to you are common in germanys hookah scene. Almost none of the german hookahs use any rubber except for the hose and the bowl/head connection.

Dion .B says:

I would like a video where you show us a top 5/10 from the best hookah’s

citizensauto says:

Damn bro you lost some weight! Dieting? Exercise?

Zaza Qiqava says:

Mojo hookah lounge thanks for this video !

Certain says:

I see the brand name of the hookahs but what are the models? I want them both LOL

Danis Hasanagic says:

Al's response to all comments: "yeap"

Adam Wierak says:

Using Moze Breeze for a month and Moze Air. Both great but there's much difference between big and small hookah.

Scarrab says:

Love the video! You should do a video on the best Hookahs on the market right now for each price point. Maybe a cheap, mid, and expensive tier list!

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