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QIUZAN Hookah is your one stop China factory for all your Hookah Needs. We provide the highest quality Shisha and Hookah Accessories!
located in Ningbo City, P.R.China, is a professional manufacturer that produces,Hookah,shisha,hookahs accessories and the related products. Our company, with now has been concentrating on the research and manufacturing of hookah, shisha, hookahs accessories, and the related products and has mastered the pure and unadulterated manufacturing craft now. It is now a modern enterprise possessing the ability of manufaturing high quality products. It offers mainly the products of hookahs and hookahs auxiliary tools of about 15 kinds, hundreds of series, and thousands of specifications. We has an annual output of five million hookahs and a booming sale system around the world

Located in Ningbo,qiuzan hookah next to one of the world’s fastest-growing area-Shanghai. We have stable purchase channels that can provide over 2,000 kinds of consumer products.we are dedicated to providing competitive price and good quality to our customers.Helping customer to find the suitable products at favorite price is our spirit.


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