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Chillum Hash Etiquette

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Frenchy Cannoli talks to Swami Chaitanya, Swami Select, Barron Lutz, Founder, NASHA Extracts, Jacob Johnson, Flower Daze Farm about chillum smoking culture.

Don’t put your crap hash in my chillum. Bring Your Own Chillum (BYOC)

Meadowlands 2019:

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Sjur Tobiassen says:

I love those black chillums they're holding. Are the long thin tubes for the weed smoke to pass through?

Advait Pillai says:

Hi do you have a contact page or website? I'm part of a emerging cooperative business model in India. We could find some good work to do together 🙂

Mutters Log says:

Pass the dutchie on the left hand side..

Huey H says:

Swami I knew you were someone special I saw you on Vice now I know you're really special yep get a cannabis card the organic cannabis God God bless you man 2019 we just had a full moon now your plants are going to go into full vag for about thirty-six days and then start going in the bud how you like that

silverace08 says:

hahaha love how all of them are way too stoned to even care about the mics, just doing their things with their chillum and resin 🙂

Itchy420 says:

Can you smoke a Chillum if you do not believe in God and this stuff? I would feel a bit crazy doing it like that…. 🙂

Victor Alley says:

9:18 Frenchy is so high he tries to use the chillum as a microphone

chuck1prillaman says:

In the 80s we smoked it under glass. Is that crass?

Rocky says:

Bro I have a THC bomb phenotype that is so sticky you can't even trim with regular scissors I need nonstick black bladed fiskars to be able to trim this I'm in Modesto California if you want to see an absolutely amazing phenotype hit me up

marzi pana says:

This is what heaven must look like

papapapist says:

Frenchy still looking like an apocalypse survivor in mad max movies. Lol. Respect.

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