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an excerpt from our student documentary focusing on Hookah Lounges and their increasing popularity in the Colorado region.
Just a short clip of my hookah smoke gliding aross the surface of my table, I though it looked cool.
In this episode of Tangiers Tavern we sit down to interview Arbi Sardarian of The Atmosphere Hookah Lounge about the current state of hookah. We also dive into the delicious world of Turkish Coffee! ———- [More]
Mya Saray hookah Golden Al Fakher shisha Music: Infected Mushroom – Jeenge
Welcome to our first parody video. We hope to make you laugh and stop by the Lounge or even offer any ideas for our next video. Please leave comment, subscribe and share. Next video may [More]
This is the holly grail of Double Apple. Paul calls it a damn fine Double Apple. It’s a mix of Shisha Fruits Green Apple + Shisha Fruits Red Apple + Al Fakher Double Apple. Leave [More]
This one’s a tutorial on how to set up a hookah, step by step, piece by piece, start to finish. Comment, thumbs up, subscribe. Hope this helps you out. FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may [More]
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