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This is a beginner’s guide to setting up a hookah. Experienced hookah smokers will not need this…unless they just love/hate HookahJohn. We will be discussing how to set up a basic hookah, tobacco brands, and [More]
If you are a Starbuzz smoker like me, and you have the money, buy it! soo worth it! Check out my friends Music! (He made the beat in my intro)
Cheapest Hookah In Delhi Ncr, Car Hookah And Accessories | Ravi Rastogi hello guys in this vlog i am going to show you #cheapesthookahindelhincr. In this video i am having a collab with #hookahlord who [More]
In this video we are introducing Flower Kaloud. It has very dashing exterior and prevents your coals from ever blacking out and more interior space for larger charcoal sizes. Check the video to know more [More]
This hookah product is known as Lotus Kaloud. An amazing heat management system which makes you get rid of using Hookah Aluminium Foil. This product can work with all kind of shisha bowls. But it [More]
Hello & welcome dosto ek baar phir se aapka swagat hai aapke apne youtube channel THE SHEESHA KING me’………………….. Guys aaj hum discuss karenge best hookah pipe ke baare me Aur check karenge mya pipe [More]
In this video we are introducing Best Magic Coal & Natural Coconut Charcoal for Hookah Lovers. Check the video to know more about Alshan Premium Magic Coal, Hookah Coconut Charcoal, Cube Shaped Hookah Coals, natural [More]
Hey, There It’s Me Anish Khan In This Video I’ll Show You Where You Will Find Accessories For Boy’s And Girl’s At Budget Price In Mumbai, Hookah, Flavour, Vapes Also Available At Reasonable Prices. Shop [More]
In this video we are introducing Bell Shape Hookah Wind Cover. This wind cover makes your hookah session easy in heavy wind blowing situation. The Height of this product is around 7’5″ Inches. Check the [More]
Hello family , I’m geetam chopra 18 years old kid making interesting Vlogs in Hindi . Toh ap sabhi ka swagat hai iss video mei guys meine aapko iss video mei Cheapest hookah shop ke [More]
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