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BEST Hookah Shisha Tobacco Flavors

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What tobacco is the best for me?

In the industry that has more than 1000 different flavors from various brands it is easy to get lost and distracted. This post would give a little insight on the main players in the industry and hopefully answer the question on what brand of tobacco is the best for you.

For the purpose of simplification of this process we will discuss brands such as Al Fakher, Nakhla, Starbuzz, Fumari, Serbetli, Tangiers, and Lavoo. All of these brands are unique and offer various flavors for everyone.

We encourage you to try these flavors at our hookah lounge next time you are in Los Angeles.

The flavors that we mentioned are small fraction of what hookah industry has up its sleeves. There is constant flow of new flavors and brands that emerge in the industry. All of the brands have their own unique ways of delivering joy while smoking so don’t be held back from trying them all. If you find a perfect brand that needs more credit, let us know so we can start serving it at our hookah lounge! We are always happy to hear your feedback!

BEST Hookah Shisha Tobacco Flavors VOL.2

Stay tuned for the upcoming videos and let us know what you want to see next.

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shaharyar ashfaq says:

Which is the coolest flavour? Please also make video

Mikkel Møller says:

Do you guys have Social Smoke? It's really popular in Denmark and I know they also smoke it alot in Germany. Just a little thought since it's American 🙂

جودي says:

i always mix orange tobacco with dark . and it gives me the perfect buzz

ibrahim ammar says:

Can you please do some mixes recommendations ?? Flavors that goes together and we should try.
Thank you

Vinay Hirawat says:

Guys please make a video on different types of bowls and which bowl is the best

Tommy Blazer says:

So I busted out laughing when you brought up bacon.. storytime! I worked at a Tangier’s lounge in California for 2 years and we had a guy in his 50s come in EVERYDAY and get bacon-little purple candy- cane everyday. I tried to start it once and almost threw up. Lol my go to with Tangier’s was always peach iced tea- Kiki – cane. But sadly I left California and now live in a state where it is very difficult to get tobacco but very close to where they produce trifecta so that is my new go to brand!

R35 says:

I started with Al fakher Ive had to take a break from it only then did I realise Al fakher truly is the master of basic flavours

Elegant says:

Best flavor for experience smoker, is double apples or Bahraini apples

H1rik ah says:

"but not the bacon flavor"

a random panda says:

تفاحتان معسل

John Reyes says:

With the wookah how do u know how much water to put lol

Claire’s World says:

Very educational thank u as I’m thinking of setting up a Shisha lounge

Ottmar Florez says:

От души подписан!

tupz24 says:

Have you tried NU brand hookah tobacco? Does that brand have a buzz like Al fakher or weak like starbuzz? I heard good things on them especially their pineapple flavor..

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