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BEST HOOKAH of 2020 from Russia NUBE UNIQUE | Tips & Review | Shisha Unboxing

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In today’s video we are going to review few hookahs of the company named «Nube Unique». There are 3 different models which we have today: «Junior», «Black One» and «Volt».

⁃ Hookah Nube Junior yellow (Junior)
The base of the Nube Junior is made of silicone. It stands out with its modern design with elements of minimalism. Resistant to scratches and drops. The hookah has a built-in carved diffuser, due to which a perfectly balanced draft is obtained close to the classical one.
Good point: It’s good for home, easy to maintain and the cost of it it’s just under $60.
Down point: this hookah doesn’t include hookah hose (comes with connector for the hose) and base for it, you have to purchase it separately.

⁃ Hookah Black One
In the hookah, the Cool Down bowl purge system is implemented as a rotary valve. It allows you to control the smoking process and remove the effect of overheating of the mixture. Pads on the shaft and mouthpiece are made of Austrian polyacetal. The diffuser in the submersible shaft is made in the form of slots, which makes the draft balanced, close to classical.
Good point: Unique design, high quality of hookah and the purge valve make smoking experience very different.
Down point: It’s hard to clean it if it used in the hookah lounge bad over all it’s good for home. By the way it comes without base, so you going to need to purchase base separately.

⁃ Hookah Volt
The hookah uses the “Cool Down” bowl blowing system implemented as a button. It allows you to control the smoking process and remove the effect of overheating of the mixture.
Nube Click – Convenient connector on the click to attach the hose to the base. The hookah is made of stabilized ash wood and AISI 321 stainless steel.
The vertical slots of the submersible shaft make the classic traction easier.
Good point: Incredible hand made design. Very impressive!
The one down point is that it comes without base!

Please let us know down in comments what do you guys think about those hookahs?
Also let us know if you’d like to purchase one of those…
Enjoy the video!

Nube Unique:

BEST Hookah lounge in LA, Hollywood, California
MOJO Hookah Lounge
6353 Yucca St. Los Angeles, CA 90028

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Fai Kwan says:

Just watched some of your old videos on layering and the like, the hookah lounge scene is really starting to pick up in Hong Kong, glad you are still uploading and thank you for all the great content!

Ang Teddiaki says:

Question, can you use any Vase bottom with the Nube Unique shisha's is there a certain Vase size I'd be looking for, or is it standard?

Abdullah Sadik says:

Please could you review the steamulation

Amitabh Bhalla says:

Amazingly Presented, seems this Product is going to be amazing. Wish I could have it. I am a die-hard Fan of Hookah and You Mixology videos. Cheers mate.

Amal Ahmed says:

The place you film at looks like such a vibe

Цветин Генчев says:

I'm thinking about buying one

Kunal Patel says:

Plz send me 1

Petros Boom says:

I have been watching you for a long time and you have actually helped my hookah experience. Much love from Greece.

Petros Boom says:

Love the vidz

Terentios Hakas says:

You are the best ! I love hookah ! I wish i could win the prize

Petros Boom says:

Hey man Nice videos, you actually helped me a lot.Nice job. ❤

Kemal Yildirim says:

great review once again.

Daniel Sanmartín Alvarado says:

I want that junior too

Citrea Nicolae says:

Did he said ,, застряло" at 2:55 which means ,, it got stuck"

Ron G says:

Adjustable purge is a great idea!

Khan Zaid says:

Mujhe dedo yee hukkah plzz

Lena - wir uns kennenlernen says:

0:54 erstaunlich

Dimitrije Čabarkapa says:

What do you think about AMY hookahs

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