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Best Double Apple Shisha (Hookah): Shisha Fruits + Al Fakher

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This is the holly grail of Double Apple. Paul calls it a damn fine Double Apple. It’s a mix of Shisha Fruits Green Apple + Shisha Fruits Red Apple + Al Fakher Double Apple. Leave us a comment and share the video with your friends if you can 🙂


CosmicPunk says:

What kind of bowl is that? It looks badass!

Fiftybeats productions says:

can you make a video aboat steam stones

the big dabba says:

hey man just got some double apple mint by AF and wanted to know of you have a video on that, interested in seeing your thoughts. I personally taste black licorice and love it

teun reuver says:

What kind of hose do you have what is iT

Hookah .org says:

Best Double Apple Shisha Mix

Kenneth Rathenam says:

Hi Paul.. What is that mouthpiece that you have on this hose? I have seen you with it in a few videos..

Hookah .org says:

Best Double Apple Shisha Mix

What They Not says:

Where is that mouth tip from?

ZeroKami86 says:

Holy shit, your pronunciation is killing me XD

Giovannifromspotts MFE says:

Where do you get shisha fruits from?

Kolja Gerkens says:

Do some reviews on steamstones please

The Popup Shisha Lounge says:

Hey, we completely agree on you Al Fakher Double Apple conclusion. Will have to try this combination out instead!

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