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Best Budget Hookah | Under $100 | Cloud Stick

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If you find my videos entertaining or informational feel free to check out the link below! The caffeine helps keep me awake and motivated so that I can make more videos.

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The charcoal used in this video and throughout my testing was graciously provided by Prestige Coco Charcoal.
Jumbo Flats

Hookah-Shisha (STRICTLYSHISHA for 15% OFF)
Trifecta Tobacco (STRICTLYSHISHA for 12% OFF)
Oxide Hookah (STRICTLYSHISHA for 12% OFF)
Zahrah Hookah (STRICTLYSHISHA for 15% OFF)
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–Filming Equipment–
Canon T6i
Rode VideoMic Pro
Amazon Basics Tripod
SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB
Mini Travel Tabletop / Selfie Stick
Studio Umbrella Lights
Ring Light

Song: Gorgon City, Kamille, Ghosted – Go Deep
All rights reserved to the artist.
I do not claim ownership or profit.


That MD Guy says:

the biggest question is when will Shishabucks get hookahs back in stock they don't reply to anything sent to them whatsoever i know Covid19 (Rona) is out there but we need our hookah to smoke and relax from all this nonsense

Miguel Villafana says:

Im New to the channel its awersomeeeeeee thanks for all the vids smoking from Puerto Rico

marcinus1101 says:

Great Video! Can you compare this hookah to MVP360/460 and Dschinni Chucky?

Moorelow says:

Just got third hookah in yesterday! Mannnnn this thing rips! This was my problem this whole time, it was never that I couldn’t pack a bowl, I just needed a real hookah! I need some of those grommets though I had to use some paper towel lol

samad Khan says:

Really digging the channel. I upgraded my 50 dollar starter hookah for this off your recommendation.

I must be doing something wrong since my 50 dollar starter rips bigger clouds imo. Also, I feel like this doesn’t have that strong of a flavor/flavor doesn’t come through as well.

Vlad from shishabucks said that I might have a leak in the heart (common problem with the batch of hearts I got). Could that be the reason flavor/clouds aren’t as great?

Levi Cash Music says:

Got mine today. Best hookah I’ve ever owned, rips like a champ and didn’t realized that glass bass was so big lol I can put all types of stuff in there. Where can i find these Russian grommets?

Joseph Baxter says:

Hey Zak, which hookah would you say has more of an open draw between this and the Golden Desert SS1? Looking to get my first budget hookah and my biggest preference is one with a nice smooth effortless draw. Which one would you recommend between the two?

김아무개 says:

Which do you recommend, cloud stick or goldendesert ss1? And can you tell why?

Francis Grimes says:

I was having the same issues with the grommet and didn't even think about doubling up on the grommets, I was using a wet paper towel – thanks for the tip on that!

Hookah Bros says:

Looks Great! Similar to Amy.

Doc says:

I can hear your parents right now, “beta! vat are you doing in your room?

HeavyIzThaCrown - says:

I might try it, my micro is getting old. What’s the main, best hookah pipe that this guy recommends?

Michael Ayoub says:

Nice video! One of the better reviewers online, could you review the Steamultation Pro? Its supposed to have the best new tech in shishas ever, its possible to have 4 hoses and its supposed to have automatic air functions and klick functions etc. Saw your review on the Wookah before and im trying to decide between Wookan and Steamulation pro. Would be gr8, subscribing to you in the hopes that you will review it 🙂

Preston Gant says:

I found this and ordered it a week ago it should arrive in a few days I’ll post my thoughts after

kais akhter says:

hey zack love your channel you should try out a cloud king by mob they retail for about 160 but there frequently on sale for a 100 or if you talk to there representative they work with you my preference for a budget hookah nice open draw and stands up well with my b2 v2

Marc-André Marleau says:

I actually like this one better than my storm mini performance wise. The plastic diffuser that comes with it is a lot more open than the aluminum one that came with the storm mini. It kinda make me regret spending $400 CAD on the storm mini… Oh well… They both have their own advantages… The stick is just so good for the price.

Great video!

Rizwan M says:

Man said it was a honda civic I'm dead

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