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Beginners Hookah Guide: How To Setup And Make A Perfect Hookah HD

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How To Hookah! I made this video to teach you how to make and setup a perfect hookah. I cover everything you’ll need to know like how to prepare materials, how to set up a hookah, how to pack a hookah bowl, how to light a hookah coal, and how to smoke a hookah. If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask.

Filmed on Canon 60D with 50mm 1.8/f lens by Mike Kerslake

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Wiler The gamer says:

Can you do it without tobacco to make it healthier?

Ahmed Ismail says:

That's exactly how to not make hookah!

cycling in jordan says:

This is the worst way to make a shisha

SuperModel Atlanta says:

all smoke no chaser.
ebay 13.99

Reinhardt Maritz says:

This is most definitely not how you stack a hookah unless you want to burn through your flavour real quick.

GoldenHawkVII says:

Number one tip, never trust a guy who uses quick light coals

Mark Boczar says:

So many no no’s in this. Smh. I’d have to make my own video to correct this guy. Sorry beginners, don’t go by this. Yeah he’s blowing smoke in the end but it’s about 80% wrong

AstronomicFilth says:

"Quickfire" (i don't know how they're called) coals are unhealthy as shit, it's better to take 100% natural coconut charcoal

Stxfanos. says:

Dont listen to this guy

tupz24 says:

Shit coals, shit bowl, shit everything

al3n says:

Anyone here because they just started to work at Hookah bar

Pannie Pheng says:

Clay bowl, paper towel to squeeze excess juice out to prevent harsh burning, scissors to chop the flavour, sprinkle evenly and hole in the middle. Double tin foil faced shiny side down, poke some solid holes everywhere doesn’t hurt to have heaps… more air flow. Load up like 4 coals, place on and heat it up, remove one coal, take a couple pulls you’ll see the magic,

Kelvin Zenteno says:

Bro, that hookah needs some Viagra. Smoke b weak af

AJK always needs more info. says:

Why the coal why not use a lighter like every other pipe

Martin Šilhavý says:

"How To Setup And Make A Perfect Hookah" well, certainly not with this tutorial.

AKRS says:

This aint even near perfect

Jarno Janssens says:

Never got a tutorial like this from the legend Freddie Mercury himself

Aivaras says:

Thats dude, you just saved a party!

Morphman mc says:

Plot twist: Freddie Mercury is alive

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