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Beginner's Guide To Vaping

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this video contains information about vaping,the devices we use,the price and other information.
song used- fresh start by joakim karud (NCS)


Fit Crazy says:

Shanice looking sooooo gorgeous in this body figure

Vidit Gupta says:

Guys it's her choice

Mekjom Sherpa says:

Kha se buy karne he yr products!?

Lalita Varma says:

Hindi me ise pen hookka kahte hai mere pass tha 400 ka tha

Radhe Rm says:

Sis, aap aise wapas ho jao bahoot jada beautiful dikhte the as compare abhi ke hisab se..

Nidhish Pohane says:

Vaping is only meant for those who wants to quit smoking,it's not for looking cool…
Cause when you take a puff of the vapourized E-Juice (Vaping Liquid) it enters your lungs and gets condensed there ,due to which you may suffer from many breathing and lung problems.
In case of smokers who wants to quit cigarette smoking,they can start vaping and after each set of couple of days you just have to decrese the nicotine percentage that you use by changing the E-liquids.For example you started vaping with 10mg nicotine liquid which is almost equal to a mild cigarette,after a couple of days you have to use the 8mg liquid then 6mg then 4 and so on . At last stage you can use the herbal nicotine free E-liquids . At this stage your addiction towards nicotine ends, so you can stop vaping also.

Rakhi Dhavale says:

Vaping is still not risk free ! Why don't you make good use of the fact of being a YouTube influencer like Nikhil Sharma ?


Wtf shanice

s Banerjee YouTube says:

1st video hai Kiya app ka?mam

Hot Edits says:

Her parents must be proud of her.

Scotty says:

enjoy cancer.

Asif Sohel says:

Vapping or SMOKING everything is injurious TO health…!!! ITS better everyone whosoever does it stop it…!! Rest life is yours ITS upto u

Untamed Artist says:

I am a non smoker I came here just because the thumbnail looked interesting.

Peace Nong says:

But i heard India ban e cigarette

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