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Award Winning WOOKAH Hookah Review

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Moses Hose:
Alpaca Medium Apache Bowl:
Provost V2:

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The charcoal used in this video and throughout my testing was graciously provided by Prestige Coco Charcoal.
Jumbo Flats

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–Filming Equipment–
Canon T6i
Rode VideoMic Pro
Amazon Basics Tripod
SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB
Mini Travel Tabletop / Selfie Stick
Studio Umbrella Lights
Ring Light

Song: Upbeat and Happy Background Music For YouTube Videos and Commercials
All rights reserved to the artist.
I do not claim ownership or profit.


rolloverlaydown24 says:

How loud are these? Even with a diffuser? Can you get away smoking this late at night when the family is asleep? My KM is quiet….

Siberian Khanate says:

love your videos, don't ever stop making these zach =)

KITOSUN Hookah says:

Zack!!! I saw so many of your videos. Most of them are positive views. Is this really good as you said ? Smoke smoothly and big cloud ? Because it is so expansive. really worth to pay for so much for it ? As you know , kaloud lotus almost 60USD each, that is a joke.

Tony Diaz says:

Cool video. Like the way you break down the wookah, overall great review. just won yourself a new subscriber!

sdsdsd says:

Hey Zack. Thanks for the review! Couple of Q

How often do you clean this? Since its wood does cleaning every day damage it in any way?

Have you tried steamulation classic? How does it hold against that?

CharlieSheen's AIDS says:

Is there a fundamental change that makes this hookah better? I can see that the quality is great, but is that the only thing that makes it worth 500$?

Zachariah Naidoo says:

Would rather get a japonahookah

Bir Kafadan On Ses says:

How do Turks make hookah? if you wonder you can watch this video >>>>

Sean T says:

Zak, just got mine yesterday and this boy is cold!, probably my favorite! Now I got the B2, the MIC and a Wookah, so I am done messing with you man! 🙂

barkevvv says:

We gotta find someone to lend you their SAOCCA. would love to hear your opinion on it

Robert Gordon says:

I love my 3 wookahs! Especially my all wood Padouk check me out on ig @scorpdeezle, Great review

Hookah Frank says:

I loved smoking out of my Gen 1 Wookah when I had it. It was my daily driver for o year. It's a great hookah.

samieh seyedmorteza says:

Will you be reviewing the new starbuzz wood line?

King Adou says:

I stopped the video as soon as I heard $500

B Lew says:

Zaaaaaack! My MAAAAAIN man pots and PANS! Where u been brother? Going to be at HEW this weekend?

Rami alnaser says:

Can you compare the draw to some hookah like a regal or Starbuzz USA made just to get an idea. Thanks man love the video.

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