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Cheapest Hookah In Delhi Ncr, Car Hookah And Accessories | Ravi Rastogi hello guys in this vlog i am going to show you #cheapesthookahindelhincr. In this video i am having a collab with #hookahlord who [More]
This hookah product is known as Lotus Kaloud. An amazing heat management system which makes you get rid of using Hookah Aluminium Foil. This product can work with all kind of shisha bowls. But it [More]
In this video we are introducing Portable Tumbler Hookah. Check the video to know more about Portable Tumbler Hookah. Get to know about any kind of MYA Hookah, Alshan’s hookah and other branded hookah in [More]
MY New VLOGS Do Watch Share aAnd Subscribe welcome guya kaise ho aap sab mast na ekdm haan meri youtube ki family mast hii hoti hai 😍😍 guys bas aise hii support karte rahe muje [More]
How to Setup Hokkah for Dense Smoke Warning:This video is intended for Educational and Scientific purposes Only.Every Action performed in this video is done under expert’s supervision or in the presence of Adult.The Author will [More] | Do you now how to speak the etiquette of hookah? Michelle and Yusuf show you at their favorite bar in Turkey.
Hey Luvs, I hope you enjoy this video. The wait is over… finally my new hookah has arrived. I absolutely LOVE IT… Nicotine Free Shisha 💨💨 NUVO Hookah 💨💨 ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Other Popular Hookah [More]
On today’s show we have an amazing surprise of exclusive first Impressions of the New Oduman Hookah products. Introducing the Oduman Monster Hookah, Oduman Lightsaber, Oduman Ignis Revo and Oduman Carbo-One. These are amazing new [More]
d&b hookah – Episode One – Part Two davideo and brandyxbear talk about what exactly is hookah and how to set up and smoke a hookah.
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