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In this video we are introducing types of Hookah Coal Holder. Check the video to know more about these Shisha Steel Charcoal Holder Bowl. Get to know about any kind of MYA Hookah, Alshan’s hookah [More]
We take a quick look at bowls coals and everything in between
#carhookah #cheapesthookahindelhi #shisha3sixty Shisha 3sixty presents a Brand New Car Hookah. Today Shisha 3sixty introduce the new car hookah which is portable and you use in your car when you drive your car its one [More]
Today we have a comparison between big and small hookahs. Stick around to see if there is a difference between 2 sizes. Should you go with large one or the mini version. Does the flavor [More]
Congrats on picking up your first hookah! Welcome to this awesome community and we hope you have a lot of fun. If you’ve never prepared a hookah session before don’t worry, this video will be [More]
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