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Watch this quick video to learn how to pack Fumari (! We’ll be using a customer favorite: Ambrosia. Since Fumari is on the juicier side, we’ll be using a phunnel-style bowl which we believe gives [More]
Check out the newest version of Prometheus Hookahs. These made an appearance at Hookah Expo Worldwide and have just hit the shelves at HookahJohn.
Frenchy Cannoli talks to Swami Chaitanya, Swami Select, Barron Lutz, Founder, NASHA Extracts, Jacob Johnson, Flower Daze Farm about chillum smoking culture. Don’t put your crap hash in my chillum. Bring Your Own Chillum (BYOC) [More]
In this review we cover some of the newest Starbuzz creations, eat pizza, and have good time.
SMOKE TRICKS 101 Watch me explain the most common, basic smoke tricks Learn how to: • Blow O’s • French Inhale • Bane Inhale • Ghost Exhale • Dragon • Air Bending O’s This was [More]
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