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Hookah set

Coconut coals

Herbal molasses


Nissa Howard says:

Bought me a set immediately after your video. My Friday nights seriously about to be a mood

N M says:

Hey guys if you don’t have a torch or you have a glass cooktop then place it in the oven.

Abhishek Sharma says:

I want to order but lockdown sucks!!

Molly Demetria says:

would you say it’s still good? because i seen some reviews that said it was bad

Molly Demetria says:

that shit $23


this was my first hookah! it pulled enough, but then I got something bigger. The non tobacco hookah leaves a coating in my throat, does that do it to you? its very thick

Traveling Amazon says:

I’m about to order one. ! Thanks for this video

Malaika Nicole says:

Yesss I’m gonna get one

chyna Lynn says:

I have the same one in blue But mines was like $20 because I got a case with mines

Neeka Shantoi says:

Yesss girl imma order neowww

vacuteness b says:

Does it still work good? I want to order it

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Search here for YOUR Hookah