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Al Fakher New Glass Hookah and other accessories

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Al Fakher has introduced a new version of their glass hookah which comes with a nice carrying case.
In addition, check out the accessories while HookahJohn gives a couple of pro tips for hookah smokers.

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Jacob Amiri says:

just subbed, please keep making vids

Sebby B says:

You remind me of Seth Rogan

AbuQasim says:

do not ever shave your beard bro ….you look nice with thick beard

Roman Lassiter says:

We'll do it live! FUCK IT!

Linkonnu QC says:

Even john looks like he dosnt like the AF base bundle lol

Rabar kamaran says:

hi john this is the tools you  looking for google ( Car Door Panel Plastic Trim Dash Installation Removal Pry Tool Set )

100% Reveluv says:

How can I get glass ?my glass is broken

Sangita Shinde says:

can u plz help me with the hose i have a small hookah not a big one like u actually its a medium sized hookah and I want to buy big hose which u people provide. plz tell me how should I fix this problem

Hookahwith Krys says:

I think it's reasonably priced for a glass hookah but that bowl is kind of rediculous!..

Robert McDonald says:

WTF??? C'mon John, I've always thought of you as a reputable guy…don't carry that shyte!

badar aljasmi says:

Hey did you poke holes on the middle of the bowl too? (Aspire)
Did you leave the middle aspire without poking any hole?

DudeWhere'sMyHookah Rob Pecoraro says:

john open some ugly guava, puts af to shame. The new body of the glass hookah looks good but again the bowl and function looks overall very lacking

Mahdi Tager says:

Will you add free shipping over 100$ to Canada ? Or maybe free shipping over 120$ ? ( To Canada) thanks john great videos

Alex Sarman says:

I personally use the flat edge of a butterknife to pry out the grommet if it's too tight. Try it!

Abrahem Awad says:

john what is your favourite al fakher flavour?

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