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A new shipment of MIG hookahs came in at HookahJohn

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MIG is quickly becoming a favorite among American hookah smokers. MIG stands for Made in Germany and is probably the best crafted German Hookah. Take a look.

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BayDude says:

all good mig stuff sold out. when is the next shipment?

ems4u4 says:

wait… you call yourselve Hookah John without even knowing what molakillers (Molassefänger) do?! holy crap… please…

alexp. says:

Review some stem from Brazil, like: Gods of Hookah, Marajah, Sultan. Has a lot of good brands here, its a different culture of hookah. One example, we use a aluminum for Hookah, made for it LOL Sorry for my english, nice video! Im a fan from Curitiba- Brazil. If you come here one day, let we now, bye

Renaldo Shamoon says:

hey John was just wondering if you can send me a free kaloud lotus LOL jk I know you won't read this great video by the way

Optimus Prime says:

After smoking the MIG Nano with the common chamber, do you find any difference compared to a traditional chamber? Do you find the smoking experience to be the same? Also, does the draw remind you of a KM?

goran saad says:

hey i like your new god of war beard

justin holman says:

Excellent videos john. best hookah and shisha reviewer by far. Send a shout out to your boy Justin Holman from south africa.

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