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Created on June 26, 2020 at 12:07 am by Bob Wilson

OK, this may surprise you. I have never used a hookah. hell, I’ve never smoked a cigarette, except for one, when I was 15, which made me cough so much I swore never to touch cigarettes again. So why do I run a site about hookahs? For eleven years I worked for a company that mostly consisted of Armenians, great folk, and there would often be get-togethers after work, where the hookahs came out. yes, I was often invited to take a puff, but I never did, but there was something about the look of them (the hookahs, not the guys!) that made it appealing, even exotic, a total difference to what I, an Englishman in Los Angeles, had been used to back home, so when I left that company and started to build websites, I thought I would do one about hookahs.

The company where I worked sold knives, Zippo lighters and shemagh – well, that was just a tiny part of their inventory, but all the items I just mentioned struck a chord with me, and I built websites around those products as well. Take a look at,, and

I have loaded a lot of YouTube videos all about Hookahs for your entertainment, and there are links to Hookahs available on Amazon.



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