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9 Types of Shisha / Hookah Smokers – Arabs With Attitude

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We gather up a funny skit of different type of Shisha / Hookah smokers. Enjoy!


Yummy tummy says:

I swear the shisha expert is sooo mmeeeeeee lmfao

Ahmad Kurdi says:


DealerMuffins says:

full coals hahah,the shisha expert works fine

Jeyda Salih says:

Love this video


hey guys do u mind if i take a few second from this funny skit and put it in my vlog? i just need a little funny scene about shisha.. my vlog is just slotting in some Shisha talk 😉 hope to hear from u guys

Akash Dhar says:

i dont think arabs will use quick lights

SafreQ45 / karolgamer123 says:

Does anyone know the music at the beginning? It sounds so good!

Ahmad El-Omari says:

Wallah all the Arabs get double apple or mint with double apple my fav

Ahmad El-Omari says:

No cap I am the hoger at a shisha place or with a vape or shisha pen

- Mike says:

Accurate af, these guys should have kept going.

Matthew R says:

The scientist… the guy who takes 25 minutes to set everything up methodically. If 1 step is skipped or rushed he will lose his mind and start over.

Meli Rayne says:

Who even smokes insta lights anymore get coconut coals they taste soooo much better

osman hassan says:

Muslim abaya with the cross necklace hmm

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