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On today’s show we bring you an amazing Glass Hookah from Lavoo, it’s the H1 Hybrid Hookah. Lavoo is an American Company that is known for high-class quality glass Hookahs and now they are coming [More]
Available: (STRICTLYSHISHA for 15% OFF) Moses Hose: Alpaca Medium Apache Bowl: Provost V2: Some products I like on Amazon The charcoal used in this video and throughout my testing was [More]
Save Hookah Culture – A Responsible Manufacturer’s Point Of View. Featuring George Jonson of Regal Hookah. Stand together to preserve hookah through informing lawmakers of our cultural traditions. We can prevent our hookah culture from [More]
Detoxing Your Life, Joining A Wellness Cult, & Fighting Etiquette | Hookah Sessions Podcast ANTDAMN!T and Uncle Stepdad are two dudes who smoke hookah and shoot the shit. Nothing more nothing less! SUBSCRIBE – [More]
Garrett and Gavin from Twin Tobacco give cigar smoking advice. If you’re new to cigars or just want to hear what bothers us, checkout our thoughts on cigar etiquette. Cigars are different from other tobacco [More]
10 Unbelievable laws that exist today in Singapore. 10 Strangest laws that exist only in Singapore. Subscribe to our channel: For copyright matters please contact us at: Singapore is a small country in [More]
here’s me smoking a cigarette for the first time.
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A desi hookah is a clay-based structure, with a chilam at the top of the hookah is a straight conical pipe with the end-to-end channel, traditionally made of clay and used since at least the [More]
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