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10 CRAZIEST Laws You Can Only Find In Singapore

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10 Unbelievable laws that exist today in Singapore.
10 Strangest laws that exist only in Singapore.
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Singapore is a small country in Southeast Asia. Formerly a British colony, the country was granted independence in 1963, and since then has become one of the most prosperous nations in the world. Though there was much trouble and turmoil in the early years, being that Singapore is without many natural resources, fierce industrialism and external trading turned a blip on the radar into a global business hub and technology powerhouse. Singapore now boasts one of the highest GDP’s in the world, one of the highest developmental standings, and one of the freest economies. Not only that, Singapore’s residents claim one of the highest qualities of life of any country, and this is confirmed by their lifespan, healthcare, and education. What makes this more impressive is that Singapore has carved a status as a first world nation in a predominantly third world region. Despite this success, or because of this success, Singapore is a little backwards on the human rights front, and have some oppressive, barbaric, and just plain strange laws. As you will see from the video, no country’s perfect.

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VipeR Gaming says:

Who else is Singaporean and do not know most of the rules? 😛

Some random person’s account says:

Lee Kuan Yew is the Prime Minister, not a Senior Minister.

Jolin Tock says:

Such a lier lmao

Andrei climaco says:

I like the the law of singapore

Ammar Zakir says:

Why some people surprised chewing gum isn't allowed… And singing isn't allowed??? Are u kidding me. Kepala otak kau lah. Using Wi-Fi my Ass lah. Then why KFC all allowed eh??? Spitting on grass if fine and it's not $1500 fine. Being nude in ur own house is fine. I do that too.

_bvdvibezz says:

3/4 of these are not true siol

Yug Mittal says:

1:18 I feel like Singapore was prepared for COVID19

Uqayl Fadzly says:

Its not no singing, it is no basking

calista lim says:

Singing is allowed wtf
You can’t feed pigeons
Hacking not allowed
Splitting not allowed
Littering not allowed u have 4 chances if u use all u have to clean up all trash
Being nude not allowed
Drawing on walls not allowed
Cats the law never say
Flushing the toilet not allowed
Chewing gum not allowed

Steve Kyle says:

Why would you punish for Not flushing toilet everyone have Responsibility flushing except for small kids

LAZY INK says:

I hate singapore im singaporean i hate it here

Yumi Yukiko says:

Don't forget to include no buying of alcohol after 10:30 pm. Can be fined for that unless you go to bars ,clubs or restaurant.

Yomiko Classic says:

Singing is allowed only if u get a license and you can chew gum only no selling

awwn2007 says:

I know that because I’m from Singapore

Ash_ Devil says:

My home at Singapore

Smaryn Cohen says:

Most rules are lies you can be naked in your own home if no one can see them

GuestRobloxian says:

I cant sing? i musts ing the national anthem
I cant be nude at home? I have to shower


im living in singapore and they never fine about singing leh

Kyler Kulasingham says:

The reason why being nude in houses is punishable majority stayes in flats which are very close together and open therefore it is very easy to see through the flat having big windows therefore being fully nude in the house is punishable. Besides who does that anyway other than in the shower

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